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By | September 14, 2016

Onam festival celebrated in India. Onam is a classical festival, continue in present time. It is famous in state Kerala, Kerala government announce 4 days holiday on Onam Eve to the 3rd day of Onam. It begins  according the calendar month of August- September and Malayalam month of Chingam. People of Kerala thought that today The mythical kind Mahabali annual visit from patal lok (Underworld) to see people living happily and remembrance of lord Vamana. King Mahabali made rules for kingdom, to leave people happy.King rules review as “Golden Era” for Kerala. Onam is also called as harvest festival, during the month of Chingam rain flowers and rice. Duration of Onam festival many cultural activities celebrated such as Pookkalam, Onavillu, Pulikali, Onapottan, Vallam kali.


Happy Onam Wishes 2016

Onam festival of Kerala name of 10 days celebration-

  • Atham
  • Chithira
  • Chodhi
  • Vishakam
  • Anzham
  • Thriketa
  • Moolam
  • Pooradam
  • Uthradom
  • Thiruvonam

Tradition and Activites

Onam festival of harvest – It begins in month of Chingam, Chingam is the first month of Malayalam Calendar. Onam festival happening for 10 days, first day of Onam festival made Malayalam new year. Onam rituals dance and Music mark for harvest festival. Last day(10 day) of Onam considered to be flagged off. That day parade is colourful and represent all culture element of Kerala with floats and tableaux. Floats carry tradition of Kerala in way of tableaux.

Pookkalam– Pookkalam is a valuable name in Kerala rituals. Pookkalam is a type of Rangoli in Kerala, when use floral carpet to it called as Onapokkalam.it made to gathered blossoms and differ types of flowers according to decorator. Now in present decorator are used different types of flowers,  Rituals of Atthapokkalam used regional flowers of Kerala, also with 10 flowers (Dashapushpam).


Onam Sadya– Onam Sadya is also known as Onam treat of Thiruvonam. Onam treat dishes served on plantain leaves, Onam treat contain about 26 dishes. Kerala people like the gradient of Banana such as Chips, Sharkaraveratti and papadum.


Happy Onam treat menu of vegetable curries

  • Avial
  • Puliseri
  • Pickles
  • Thoran
  • Olan
  • Rasam
  • Sambhar
  • Kaalan
  • Erisheri
  • Dal

Music and dance– Rituals dance perform their regional people on an occasion of Onam in Kerala. Women’s dance around a lamp in circle rotation, different type an elephant and tigers mask wear dance in the tradition of Kerala.

  • Thiruvathirakali
  • Kummattikali
  • Thrissur
  • Kathakali
  • Valluvanad

Boat race– Vallamkali is an event in Onam, Vallamkali also known as snake boat race. Vallamkai includes Nehru trophy boat race and Aranmula Uthrattadhi Boat race. Men and women come far to watch the snake skim race through the water.

We have shared all traditions and rituals of this festivals. Our main motto is to provide unique things to you that will satisfied you. Onam festival is very famous in South India specially in Kerala. All malayali friends share sms wishes to each other.

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